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Childfree and Childfree-Friendly Writers
This is a place for Childfree and childfree-friendly writers of all genres to gather and share intelligent, adult discussion about every aspect of writing. From looking for an agent, to exploring new writing challenges, to discussing cures for writer's block, to seeking critique for your work - feel free to discuss it here! (Discussion does not need to relate to being childfree).

Whether you're writing for publication or just for personal pleasure, you're welcome here.

What this isn't is a child-hating community. There are other communities such as childfree set up for vocalizing your complaints about your kid-centric friends and the neighbor's bratty five-year-old. By the same token, although we welcome childfree-friendly parents, this community is not for admiring your kid's award-winning fifth-grade essay. That sort of thing is to bring to Grandma, not to us.

Constructive criticism is welcome here. Flaming and personal insults are not. The moderators reserve the right to ban any member who starts or engages in such activity.

Community rules are few and simple:

1. Long entries should be posted behind an lj-cut. For instructions click here: here.

2. If you are posting a work of fiction or non-fiction, please give us the title and whatever commentary you like first, and then post the body of your work behind lj-cuts. Feel free to friends-lock any entry you don't want the outside world to see.

3. Even if you're a beginning writer, such basics as spelling, grammar and paragraph breaks are expected to be utilized when you post your work. Please don't make the mods channel their inner English teachers.

4. If someone asks for constructive criticism for their work, it would be nice if as many members as possible stepped up to the plate. We've seen too many communities and lists in which the only time some members speak up is when they themselves want help.

5. Please post the title of your work or the main point of your comment/question in the subject line. This will be very helpful to anyone looking through the archives.

Moderators are ann8952 and alannahjoy.

Enjoy the community!